Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Brief Solution Focused Therapy by Mervyn Clemmitt


My Approach

Theoretical approach and style of working

Theoretically I am an integrative practitioner combining elements of psychodynamic, person centred and cognitive approaches which I deploy in a flexible way in order to meet individual client needs. I am quite happy to elaborate on this when you contact me or in our first meeting, but essentially, it means that I believe:

  • That our past has shaped us and is influential in our present life
  • That we have developed defences to protect us
  • That we are fully aware of some of the above, only partially aware of other aspects and totally unaware of significant portions
  • That we have (often unhelpful) patterns in our lives
  • That working with and increasing our understanding of these unhelpful and hidden or unacknowledged defences and patterns can be liberating and life changing
  • That as a client you should be heard, treated with respect, be the focus of the therapy and be met as a unique person rather than as a subject for treatment or a collection of symptoms.

I work with clients' thoughts, feelings and actions, as all can be affected, and recognise that difficulties can relate to the client's past or present or from their fear of the future.

I have an explorative conversational style of working in which I encourage open and honest dialogue. This promotes meaning and purpose in the therapy in order to facilitate personal growth and insight whilst genuinely addressing the difficulties brought to counselling.

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