Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Brief Solution Focused Therapy by Mervyn Clemmitt



Counselling is a 'talking therapy' which aims to help people with a wide variety of difficulties, such as those listed in Qualifications and Experience (don't worry if yours is not included as it is not an exhaustive list), ranging from mild and temporary to severe and life long.

In my view, counselling is a collaborative process involving the client and counsellor working together on the client's difficulties. The counsellor uses their skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience to help the client. The client, in addition to bringing their difficulties, also brings their own range of experience, knowledge and resources, all of which form the basis for progress and change. I firmly believe that every individual is unique and that, despite their difficulties, with help they can grow and change in the areas most important to them.

What can you expect from counselling and what benefits might you gain?

Counselling is not about advice giving and nor, in my view, is it a medical intervention involving diagnosis, treatment and cure. Rather, when working with me it offers:

  • A safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to talk about your difficulties
  • A thorough exploration of the origins and effects of your difficulties
  • A greater understanding and awareness of the difficulties
  • A space to explore and experience your feelings
  • Experience of a positive and boundaried therapeutic relationship
  • An environment where there is a good balance between support and challenge

In addition to working on your specific difficulties and goals I would hope, and it is possible, (but not guaranteed*) that by the end of your therapy (depending on the depth of the work undertaken and the nature of your difficulties) you could:

  • Have at least partial resolution of your difficulties
  • Subjectively feel better
  • Objectively be better
  • Have an improved capacity to function
  • Experience a greater sense of control in your life
  • Have an improved capacity to make beneficial decisions and choices
  • Have new insights about yourself
  • Improve your understanding of others and your relationships with them
  • Have increased self-esteem and a greater sense of empowerment and autonomy
  • Have greater self-acceptance

* Many of my previous clients have shown improvements in some or all of the above areas.

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