Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Brief Solution Focused Therapy by Mervyn Clemmitt


Qualifications and Experience


After a career in another helping profession I began working with counselling clients as a trainee in 2001 and have worked continuously as a Qualified Counsellor since 2003. I hold a Master of Arts Degree and Graduate Diploma in Counselling (a BACP Accredited course) from The University of Leeds and a BSc (hons) Degree in Psychology. In addition I am an Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the UKs largest professional counselling body. Although not a qualification in itself, accreditation is only granted by BACP after the therapist has demonstrated that they meet the exacting criteria necessary to deem their practice safe and competent. My name is included on the BACP Register as an Accredited Counsellor.


I have practised as a counsellor in a wide variety of settings and have consequently acquired a broad and deep range of experience. I have not only worked in private practice but also in a generic counselling agency (BACP accredited), in mental health counselling and therapy services, for employee assistance programmes and in a charity working with bereaved people.

I have experience of providing both brief solution focused counselling and in depth long-term psychotherapeutic interventions. This means I work with people who have fairly discrete problems, such as a difficulty at work, and who want short-term counselling to resolve these issues. However, I also work at depth on a long-term basis with people who have very complex, persistent and troubling difficulties such as those that result from childhood abuse, trauma, destructive or negative patterns or mental ill health.

Client Issues

As a counsellor I have worked with both men and women whose difficulties were clearly identified, such as those listed below. However, I have also worked with people whose problems were less well-defined, such as unhappiness, general dissatisfaction with life, feelings of emptiness or confusion, feeling distant or separate from life or others or simply feeling different.

Anxiety Depression Panic attacks
Bereavement and loss Childhood abuse Flashbacks
Low self-esteem Lack of confidence Self-harm
Eating disorders Sexuality Sexual issues
Difficulties at work Disability Relationship issues
Mental illness Personality issues Domestic violence
Dissociation Anger Substance abuse

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