Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Brief Solution Focused Therapy by Mervyn Clemmitt



Thank you for viewing my website – I hope you find it helpful and informative. In order to fully understand and appreciate what I offer, and to learn something about me, I would recommend that you to spend a little time reading through the various menu items.

There are many factors which prevent people from seeking help with the difficulties they experience in their lives. Amongst these are denial that there is a problem, a lack of knowledge about where to turn for help, fear about facing the difficulties and, perhaps, fear of stigma or shame attached to seeking assistance. These, plus in many cases, deep hurt and distress (often linked to a belief that things cannot change for the better), make the decision to seek help one of the hardest steps to take.

About My Practise

Once having made the decision to seek professional help, it is essential that you are assured that any therapist you choose is an appropriately trained and effective professional. In my case, in addition to my level of qualification and lengthy experience, I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This means that I have been through a rigorous process certifying that my practise is both safe and competent.

In terms of my effectiveness as a therapist (and whilst acknowledging that there are no guarantees in counselling) much of my work since 2001 has been evaluated using the CORE system. This statistical evidence base (comparing the client's well-being before and after therapy) for my practise demonstrates that my effectiveness at 79% is significantly better than the national average of 70% in helping clients achieve ‘clinical and sustainable improvement ’ over the course of their counselling.

Together my accreditation and the evidence base for my practise provide a robust and transparent assurance that you will receive high quality, effective and ethical therapy.

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